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Combat Posting

Postby NMI » Mon May 11, 2015 11:06 am

When/If a combat scenario begins, this is how I would like for it to flow.

I will ask for all to roll initiative and post their initiative. You may post what you "plan" to do on your first action, but do not make any rolls yet other then initiative.

Once I have all of your initiative rolls, I will make a post reflecting order of combat/initiative. If a NPC goes first, I will include their first action and strike rolls/action rolls/whatever and who they are targeting out of the players.

That player is to then post their defensive action. I am going to assume you will know based on your roll vs my roll that you will know if you got hit or not. Please note damage taken. After that defensive action is taken, I will then reply with any conditions and then tell the next person to act.

It seems painful, but in general this is how combat has been run in most of the games here and is similar to what Snape runs.


With combat posts, I need the following information included in a post...

Obviously the usual Perception, JIC D20 and JIC D00.

If attacking, I need a
* strike roll [with all applicable bonuses]
* damage roll [with all applicable bonuses, multipliers, etc..]

I would also like to see the following @ the end of the post...

Current/Max # of attacks
* If you have 5 attacks and the current post is your 2nd attack, I want to see 2/5
Current/Max HP
* If you have 45 HP and have taken 10 HP damage, I want to see 35/45
Current/Max SDC
* If you have 45 SDC and have taken 10 SDC damage, I want to see 35/45
A.R. if applicable.


When posting skill checks, please include your ROLL and your SKILL %, preferably in the following format:

Speak English [60]: 34 Passed
Speak English [60]: 80 Failed

This keeps me from having to go back to your character sheet to check your %

Combat rolls

Please show me your natural roll / bonus and total in some form..

Strik [D20+7] 18 total
Dodge [D20+8] 28 [Natural 20]

I dont want to see:

Strike 26
Dodge 28

The "I dont want part" does not work as that does not tell me if you rolled a natural 20 or what your natural roll was/is.


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