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Character Creation

Postby NMI » Mon May 11, 2015 9:41 am

Coming Soon..

Attribute Generation

Roll 4D6, drop the lowest die.
Do this "9" times. Drop the lowest set.
The remaining are you stats. You may place in any order.
As usual, if the remaining 3D6 roll generates an attribute of 16-18, then roll 1D6 and it add it. If the result of the 1D6 is a "6", then roll one last 1D6. No more! Highest starting attribute before skills, powers, enhancements, etc is 30.

Starting level.

Create character as a 1st level PC.
Provide me an exceptionally thought out background and you might get +1 level.
First person to eventually get me a completed PC will also gain a level.

Hand to Hand Selections
The usual - None, Basic, Expert, Martial Arts and Commando [if you need stats for Commando, ask me]
Basic counts as one skill whether taken as part of a program or not.
Expert counts as 2 skills
Both basic and expert can be purchased with secondary skills or taken as part of a program.
Hand to Hand Martial Arts -- Must be taken as part of the
Espionage program or
Physical Program [2 skills] or
Upgraded from HtH Basic from Law Enforcement or Military @ cost of 2 skills
If upgrading from L.E. or Military, you may use secondary skills.
You can take a hand to hand from Rifts Japan if you upgrade your hand to hand to Martial Arts first and spend 2 skills [secondarys or part of a program]. You get full bonuses of the Martial Art Form.

Acceptable Character Classes

Allowed Power Categories From HU2

• Bionics – Character should have a Military, Police or Corporate background with the skills to back it up. Espionage background is acceptable for a light conversion borg. Items from Robotics, Galaxy Guide, Rifts, Bionics Sourcebook can be chosen. Individual “norms” can also acquire limited partial enhancements/limb replacement.
• Experiment – Rolled as normal. GM [NMI] has final approval on the ONE minor power selection. Specifically this is the Super Soldier on pages 118-119 of the HU2 corebook.
• Hardware – Mechanics gets no penalty to Robot Mechanics, Electrical no penalty to Robot Electronics, Analytical gets 1/2 [-20%] penalty to either.
• Physical Training – may select any of the new combat forms created by Mephisto
• Psionics – Only person will be allowed to be Psionic. Themed psychics from Rifts “might” be allowed.
• Robotics – Items from Bionics, Galaxy Guide, Rifts, Bionics Sourcebook can be chosen.
• Special Training – any and all. Can also select from these creations.

Allowed Power Categories for Shadow Wars from Powers Unlimited 2nd

• Eugenics – will be allowed on a very limited basis. Most options that produce “super abilities” will be denied. All builds must be done with costs/bonuses/penalties from the 2nd printing of this book. Budget will be limited as well.
• Super Invention – will be allowed as well depending on abilities wanted/form.
• Minor Heroes – will be allowed as long as they are tied to one of the above permitted classes. Exceptions may or may not be considered.
• Super Soldier – Will be allowed, but modified. No super abilities. Characters can have 1D4+1 “enhancements” or be one of the 3 packages offered in the book. Characters will not have both enhancements and a package.
• Ancient Weapon Master – Allowed as is. Weapons may be hi-tech or traditional.
  • Natural Genius – Will be allowed. Though starting skill programs will be modified.
    • Start with 3 Disciplines
    • Gain 1 discipline at the stated levels
    • May purchase additional disciplines at the cost of 1 [one] skill program
    • Maximum of 3 disciplines may be purchased
    • # of skill programs = 1 program +1 per 5 points of IQ [minimum 4 programs]
    • A martial art from Rifts Japan/China may be purchased at the cost of 1 program. Choosing this counts as the 4 physical skills a Natural Genius can have.

Level of Education
You may choose your level of education to fit your concept. HOWEVER -- I would prefer NOT to see all Military Specialists and PhD's!

If the language skill is take as part of a program or as a starting skill, it will include the literacy for the language as well.

If you take language as a secondary skill, it will NOT include literacy.

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Re: Character Creation

Postby NMI » Mon May 11, 2015 9:43 am

Former Forum Member wrote:If I recall correctly, the Ancient Master doesn't start at 1st level, but they start at something like d4+4 (or something like that). How do you want to do the starting level here? Following the book, true 1st level? And what about the bonus level should I give you a stellar background?


by the book, starting level is 1d6+3. You can start at 4th. A background will allow you to start at 5th. Regarding the secondary skill restrictions (above the image on page 212), guy can choose physical and espionage if you wish. .
Also, the ancient weapons selection can be hi-tech modern ones if you wish.. precision blades, vibro, etc.. If you have something specific in mind, let me know.

Former Forum Member wrote:Quick question on the Natural Genius: For the martial art, does it cost only the 4 physical skills, or does it cost 1 program AND the 4 physical skills?


Both in a sense.
By the book, you dont get a "bonus 4 physial skills"... the 4 is just the maximum # of physical skills that can be selected.

The Martial Art would cost you 1 program and it counts as the 4 physical skill maximum.

mind you, later levels, you can select additional physical skills.

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