Starlight - Dawn Starbright

In the aftermath of the Onslaught crisis, the Fantastic Four & Avengers are gone - sacrificing themselves to destroy Onslaught. Only the X-Men remain as a superteam but with mutant hysteria at an all time high & mutant numbers thinned considerably by the Legacy Virus, they have gone underground.

Will new heroes step forth in a world that has little heroes left?

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Starlight - Dawn Starbright

Postby Sasqaricious » Sun May 10, 2015 12:41 am

Name - Dawn Starbright
Codename - Starlight

Fighting - Rm (30)
Agility - Rm (30)
Strength - In (40)
Endurance - Rm (30)
Reason - Ex (20)
Intuition - Ex (20)
Psyche - Gd (10)

Talents - 2/5


Powers - 5/5

Body Transformation - Light - Mn
- Light Control - In
- Light Generation - In
- Body Armour - Mn
- Limitation - Needs AM rank feat check to change to normal. There is no real effect of the form as it has feeling, but she does not consider it her normal least not yet
- When she takes this form the only difference is a glow that comes off of her as the cells were replaced with actual cells made of photonic energy.
Regeneration - In
Flight - Rm
Energy Sheath: Light - Rm
Solid Light - Gd

Health - 130
Karma - 50
Resources - Rm
Contacts - 0/4


Dawn was born unknown to her at the time to an eternal named Aurelle after a trist with a human. Several years later she was born but that was more out of the eternal pure control over their own body. Aurelle heard the call to join the Uni-mind and although delayed because of the unborn child. As such she delivered the child and then put it on the doorstep of her father not even thinking of how many years had passed since she had seen the man and no longer was he in his twenties but instead in his seventies.

Never having seen the lady he was shocked that this child was his and not sure what to do just decided to take up the roll with his wife of raising the child by themselves. This despite them already having several grown children though. They named her Dawn after what Aurelle told the husband her name was and she grew up.

Her father passed on when she was five and her mother made it till the year she graduated highschool at eighteen and left for University with a trustfund in hand, the story of what who she was and the discovery of her powers.

Things of note when dealing with her
- Grew up in Iowa
- Half her money is a setup of her parents but more came from Aurelle her mother.

(Edited to round up the numbers)

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