In the aftermath of the Onslaught crisis, the Fantastic Four & Avengers are gone - sacrificing themselves to destroy Onslaught. Only the X-Men remain as a superteam but with mutant hysteria at an all time high & mutant numbers thinned considerably by the Legacy Virus, they have gone underground.

Will new heroes step forth in a world that has little heroes left?

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Dr. Stephen Strange was reading in his easy chair, a book levitating before him. His manservant Wong entered.

"Nick Fury is here to see you sir", his Majordomo said.

Stephen looked up from his reading. "Thank you, Wong -please send him in", he said.

Wong bowed and left the room. Moments later, Nick fury, head of S.H.I.E.L.D. entered. "Hello doctor...You probably know why im here."

Doctor Strange nodded. "I remember our conversation 5 years ago, Fury...But frankly, I never thought this day would come."

"Neither did I", Nick said. "But that doesn't change things...With the Avengers & the Fantastic Four gone, the world is vulnerable. It will be only a matter of time before some super maniac or several will take advantage of the situation."

Stephen gestured with his hand and the book he was reading closed, floated and slid itself into an open slot at the nearby bookcase.

Nick produced a folder from within the folds of his coat. "I've been authorized to activate the 'Defenders Initiative' - here is a list of potential candidates...Im having my people set up the groundwork & logistics as we speak", he said handing the folder over to Stephen.

Doctor Strange took the folder and looked at the pages within. He looked up at Nick.

"Defenders initiative? Isnt that the name of MY team?"

Nick gave Dr. Strange a grim grin. "Well with Namor and the Hulk sacrificing themselves to stop Onslaught and the Surfer off-planet, I figured no one was using the name & I think it is a fitting homage to the Sub Mariner and Dr. Banner."

Stephen nodded. "Cant argue with you there...Very well then - lets get started."

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