Defenders Gathered

In the aftermath of the Onslaught crisis, the Fantastic Four & Avengers are gone - sacrificing themselves to destroy Onslaught. Only the X-Men remain as a superteam but with mutant hysteria at an all time high & mutant numbers thinned considerably by the Legacy Virus, they have gone underground.

Will new heroes step forth in a world that has little heroes left?

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Re: Defenders Gathered

Postby NMI » Mon Nov 30, 2015 2:03 pm

Following Coulson and the others, Conrad's jaw remains loosely open as he stares in wonder and amazement at the alien vessel. Somewhat listening, Conrad, looks at any terminals that the local techs might have set up and glances at any readouts.

"Coulson, I will need handful of workstations, all of them disconnected from ANY and ALL networks. I don't want to risk an alien virus finding a way into your systems. No telling what kind of damage might be done. Better safe than sorry. The computers your boys bring me - I want NO ability to transmit data. No wireless charging, no wireless mice or keyboards. Everything hardwired in. Maybe even set it up in a Faraday cage of sorts. If you can, pure battery power. I don't want it connected to your unstable, power grid."

Walking around a bit and looking at other displays, "As for your power distribution problems, you realize that power distribution and energy generation is part of my company's specialties right? Yeah, I can fix your problems here."

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