Skookum, Eugenics monstrosity

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Skookum, Eugenics monstrosity

Postby Vigil » Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:13 am

- Full Name: Christopher Killian (currently unknown)
- Nicknames: C-Kill (currently unknown)
- Codename: Skookum (Skoo KOOM)

- Date of Birth: June 7 (currently unknown)
- Age: 25 (currently unknown)
- Place of Residence: Red Rock Canyon National Park
- Place of Birth: Oregon
- Nationality: U.S.A.
- Father: Eugene Killian (deceased, currently unknown)
- Mother: Kya Killian (currently unknown)
- Brother(s): None
- Sister(s): Sara Killian (age 12, currently unknown)
- Other relations: (currently unknown)

- Height: 7’
- Weight: 201
- Hair Color: brown/black
- Eye color: brown

- Distinguishing Features: Basically all of his features are distinguishing
- Brief Physical Description: Ridonkulous. 7’ tall and covered in thick brown fur (with black stripes running from his snout over his forehead, and down his back). His head is adorned with two medium sized horns, his mouth is fanged, and his hands have large claws. His body is somewhat apelike, very wide at the shoulders, but sleek through the torso, and with powerful legs for running. Only his eyes betray any humanity.

- Disposition: Skookum is desperate for acceptance, despite his freakish appearance, and genuinely wants to use his enhanced abilities to protect others. He has anxiety due to his appearance, and is certain he will be regarded as a monster. He also suffers from near-total amnesia, as a result of the experimentation which resulted in his eugenic transformation. He remembers his skills, but has only very vague, fuzzy memories of his life before.

IQ - 15
ME - 13
MA - 10
PS – 35 (Superhuman)
PP - 22
PE - 24
PB – 4 (Horror Factor 10)
SPD -89 (swim & climb at 44)

- Hit Pts: 48
- S.D.C.: 52
- Natural A.R.: 12
- Experience Level: 1
- Experience Points: 0

Eugenic Features:
Unwilling test Subject
  • Street educated. Cannot remember past life.

Status with sponsoring organization:
  • Ran away and is secretly hunted. Hostile, but not necessarily deadly.

Brain: psionics (sensitive)
  • Bio-Manipulation (10)
  • Telepathy (4)
  • Object Read (6)
  • See the Invisible (4)
  • See Aura (6)
  • 43 I.S.P.
Superhuman Strength
  • Lift 10,500 lbs.
  • Carry 7,000 lbs.
Bone strengthener
butcher's gland
Apish Body
Natural AR 12
Healing Factor
  • recovers 3 SDC/10 minutes & 1 HP/15 minutes
  • instant regen 4d6 HP 2/day
  • does not fatigue
Built for speed
Enhanced agility
Horns (Med)
Electrical discharge
  • 4d6+2/level
  • 20’ or touch range
brain enhancement
gland: pituitary
elongated arms
fangs (non poison)

- Attacks Per Melee Round: 4
- Strike Bonus: +5
- Parry Bonus: +5 (+7 with horns)
- Dodge Bonus: +6
- Auto Dodge: +7
- Roll With Punch/Fall Bonus: +5
- Pull Punch Bonus: +2
- Initiative Bonus: +1
- Damage: +20 (PS)
Fangs 2d6
Claws 2d6
Head Butt +1d6 damage
- Other Bonuses Of Note:
WP Paired Weapons

Saving throws:
+20% vs. coma/death
+3 vs. magic
+3 vs. poison & toxins (& effects reduced to 1/3 normal)
+3 vs. psionics
+1 vs. Possession
+1 vs. Horror Factor
Fire & Cold – ½ damage

SKILLS: Street educated (per Eugenics)
Basic Skills
- Pilot Automobile: 64%
- Speak English 82%
- Read/Write English 57%

Secondary Skills (14)
- Wilderness Survival 52%
- HTH: Expert (counts as 2)
- Climbing 87%
- Prowl 59%
- Swimming 67%
- Dance 37%
- Streetwise 36%
- Pick Locks 40%
- Concealment 29%
- Hunting
- Carpentry 32%
- WP Targeting
- Art 52%

(learns new skills in ½ the normal time)
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Re: Skookum

Postby Vigil » Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:30 am


What he knows:

Skookum wrote:Before I clawed my way out of the muck.... I don't remember. There was a before, I know that. I remember... a funeral. I remember, a beautiful woman... a sweet child... I remember a shootout, a driveby. I think I killed someone. I remember pain, and men in white masks.

Then nothing.

I clawed my way from the cold, wet earth. I don't know what I am. I don't know who I was. I skulked, I knew I would frighten people. I saw an old Chinook woman... she screamed in fear. Her scream became my name. I have no other thing to call myself.

I have lived on the fringes, in the wilderness, and come to know myself. I am strong - I can uproot trees. I am fast - I can run down a deer, no matter how fast or how long it can go, I go faster, and longer. I can see the unseen - from the edges, when I watch people, I can see their spirit, read their thoughts, see the imprints they leave behind. I heal - no injury to my body lasts for long.

Add to this that I have come to know why I am here. I have been sent back. Whatever I made of my life before, I know I harmed people. The person I was - that person is dead. I have been sent back to atone. In this life... I must help people.
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Re: Skookum

Postby Vigil » Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:56 am





The entity calling itself Skookum found itself in Las Vegas, after a years-long stint living on the outskirts of civilization and avoiding contact with people. When he saw the city, however, he was astounded at what met his eyes. mutants, walking freely in the open - this had not been the case in his scant memories. He felt a fool, hiding all these years - in this place, he might live freely...
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Re: Skookum

Postby Vigil » Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:58 am


Swish army pocketknife
Large backpack
Survival knife
Heavy blanket
Aluminum canteen
Nylon cord
Wire cutters
Camouflage poncho

Cash on hand: $0

He has a couple pair of XXXL jeans and some similarly-sized Hawaiian print shirts, but he rarely wears them in the wilderness.
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Re: Skookum, Eugenics monstrosity

Postby Vigil » Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:33 pm



A reasonable approximation (though, he does not have hooves, and has slightly more human-like hands than this).

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