Mashav, Solarii Champion (NPC)

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Mashav, Solarii Champion (NPC)

Postby Scarecrow71 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:41 am

IQ: 17
ME: 14
MA: 26
PS: 15
PP: 17
PE: 21
PB: 17
SPD: 19

AR: 6 (Natural)
HP: 27
SDC: 60

Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 180 lbs.

Level: 1
Experience: 0

Appearance is Humanoid, with the following modifications:
  • Oversized Head, which appears bulbous and a bit large.
  • Unusual Ears, which are - oh my! - alien in appearance.
  • Unusual Skin, which is rough in appearance and (to some extent) texture.

Koschei, the first planet in the Solarii system, is a hot, thermic world where the average temperature at the equator can hover around 500 or more degrees F. The colony that Mashav is from is near the northern polar cap, where the average temperature is only 140 degrees F.

While on Earth, Mashav must wear a bio-environmental suit to keep his body warm, unless he is in the tropics or a desert climate. Earth temperatures and heat signatures less than 140 degrees F have no affect on him.

Due to the extreme temperatures on Kolschei, Mashav's people have evolved to create and control darkness, which offers some cooling during the blind heat of the day. To this extent, the following powers are considered to be innate and part of Mashav's DNA.

  • Darkness Control
    • Can create an area of darkness that no normal vision, nightvision, and light amplification optic systems cannot penetrate it. Victims are -8 to strike, parry, and dodge. All ranged weapons are treated as firing blind. Range 140 feet +10 feet per level; covers an area 30 feet in diameter + 10 feet per level; duration is 5 minutes or until dispelled; victims must save vs. horror factor 13 or be unable to act while trapped inside.
    • Can become invisible in any kind of shadows or darkness, provided the area being used is man-sized or larger.
    • Grants the benefits of nightvision for all kinds of darkness, to include normal, magical, or the effects created by Create Darkness. Range is 600 feet in normal darkness, and 30 feet in all other kinds of darkness.
  • Energy Expulsion: Shadow Bolt
    • Can create bolts of pure shadow and fire them at opponents. Range is 400 feet; damage is 4d6. +2 to strike if shot is aimed, otherwise +1 to strike. If used in an area of darkness, opponents suffer additional penalties of -2 to dodge and/or parry.
    • Can use the shadows to partially conceal features. Opponents facing the character are at -1 to initiative and -1 to strike.
    • Resistant to shadow-based attacks, suffering only half normal damage on failed saves.

Attacks: 2
Dodge: +1
Parry: +1
Pull Punch: +2
Roll with Punch: +2
Strike: +1

Charm/Impress: 35%
Trust/Intimidate: 88%

  • Save vs. Coma/Death: +12%
  • Save vs. Heat: +4 (only takes 25% damage if saving throw fails)
  • Save vs. Magic/Poison: +2

Mashav, on his homeworld, was a Spacecraft Mechanic. As such, he has the following skills:

  • Advanced Mathematics (73% +5%/level)
  • Astrophysics (48% +5%/level)
  • Computer Operation (63% +5%/level)
  • Computer Repair (48% +5%/level)
  • Electrical Engineer (38% +5%/level)
  • Hover Vehicle Mechanics (38% +5%/level)
  • Mechanical Engineer (48% +5%/level)
  • Pilot Civilian Spacecraft (58% +5%/level)
  • Spacecraft Mechanics (53% +5%/level)
    • Anti-Matter
    • Dimensional Syphons
    • Gravity Wells
    • Laser Sails
  • Communications (2)
    • Cryptography (38% +5%/level)
    • Optic Systems (43% +5%/level)
  • Mechanical or Electronics (4)
    • Circuit Board Micro-Electronics (68% +5%/level)
    • Nuclear Engineering (55% +3%/level)
    • Satellite Systems (43% +5%/level)
    • Starship Engineer (38% +5%/level)
  • Science (3)
    • Alien Anthropology (33% +5%/level)
    • Xeno-Biology (43% +5%/level)
    • Xeno-Botany (38% +5%/level)
  • Secondary Skills (5)
    • Astronomy (23% +5%/level)
    • Body Building
    • First Aid (48% +5%/level)
    • Hand to Hand Expert

Reason for being on Earth: Mashav is an intergalactic champion of justice. He has been assigned to Earth for a tour of duty of 10 Earth years by the ruling conglomerate on Koschei as a way to study human beings and their effect on the planet.

Familiarity with Earth: None of the Kolscheians has any familiarity with Earth, the blue planet only having been discovered by them in the last 50 years. Mashav can speak, read, and write English at 80% proficiency.

Disguises: Mashav has several sets of decent, ordinary clothing, but his bio-environmental suit does give him away as not being from Earth.

High-Tech Weapon: Stun Pistol w/6 clips. Range is 135 feet, and the damage done is to the nervous system. Victims are at -8 to strike, parry, dodge, they have no initiative, and lose half of their melee actions. Duration is 1d4 rounds.

High-Tech Vehicle: One-Man Gyro-Copter (VTOL). Maximum speed of 180 mph; cruising speed of 145 mph. Vehicle is +1 to dodge and has 300 SDC.

Earth Cash: $18,000 in various forms (money, tradeable metals, etc.)
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Re: Mashav, Solarii Champion (NPC)

Postby Scarecrow71 » Fri Feb 19, 2016 5:20 pm


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Jesus saves. Everybody else takes full damage.

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