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House Rules

Postby Scarecrow71 » Wed Feb 17, 2016 5:44 pm

I've got some tweaks/changes to the original ruleset that I'll outline in this thread.

Dice Rolls
I don't care what dice roller you use, so long as you are honest about what you rolled. I won't make you link back to wherever you rolled from, but I may question you on your rolls if you have an amazing lucky streak. Just as I would expect you to question me if I did the same.

All told, just be honest with what you roll.

AR vs. Natural AR
Big difference here. Armor can be hit and damaged while still protecting you; Natural AR provides protection that cannot be damaged. Keep this in mind, as armor can and will get damaged and possibly destroyed.

If you roll to strike against someone wearing armor or protected by something that is not Natural AR, any roll to strike with bonuses that is under the Armor Rating hits and damages the armor; any roll to strike with bonuses that is over the Armor Rating bypasses the armor and hits the target inside it.

If you roll to strike against someone who is protected with Natural AR, any unmodified dice roll that is equal to or less than the Natural AR misses, regardless of bonuses. In order to hit something with Natural AR, the unmodified dice roll must exceed the Natural AR.

As an example, if you are attacking someone with a Natural AR of 10, it doesn't matter what bonuses you have; the dice roll before bonuses must be 11 or higher to hit the target and do damage.

In addition to all of this, any unmodified dice roll of 4 or less misses whatever you are targeting. Regardless of bonuses, the unmodified dice roll must be 5 or greater to hit.
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