Twist, Empowered Dwarf

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Twist, Empowered Dwarf

Postby Genhuman » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:08 pm

Real Name: Caesar Perseus “Percy” Vulcan Panagopolous
Empowered: Level 1
Exp: 00 (Needed: 2,001)
Alignment: N/A

IQ: 24
ME: 20
MA: 20/22 (60%/70% Trust intimidate)
PS: 11/39SN
PP: 10/22
PE: 10/21
PB: 11/30 (92%Charm/impress)
Spd: 7 (5mph)/35 (24mph)

HP: 16
SDC: 20
Demi NAR: 10
Demi HP: 40
Demi SDC: 154
Demi Regen: 4d6/10min

Psionic (base 15): +3
Insanity: +3
Mind Control: +5
Possession: +5
Magic: 0/+3
Poison: 0/+3
Coma/Death: +0%/+15%
Vs HF: +2
Perception: +3

Hand to Hand: Basic
Attacks per Melee Round: 2(living) = 4/7[8]
Initiative: 0/+3
Strike: 0/+7[+9]
Parry: 0/+7[+9]
Dodge: 0/+6 [+10/+12 over 90mph]
Roll: +2/+3
Pull: +2/+6
Disarm: 0/+2
Damage: 0/+24 [+4more per 20mph flight speed]

CEF: Earth (“Remember the Titans”) Create Wall of Earth/stone, Range:120’+10/ (+1parry, or init)
Tower of Earth: Range: 100’ 12’+6/lvl height, Duration 4min+ (See HU2 pg257)
Hurl Earth: Range 100+10/lvl, Damage per makeup and weight (See HU2 pg257)
Quicksand: Range 60+6/, Diameter 12’, Depth 8+2/lvl, Duration 3min/lvl (See HU2 pg257)
Rend Earth: 15x20x40 crevice Range 140’+40/lvl (See HU2 pg257)
Sand/Dust Storm: Range 200+10/lvl, Area 30’ radius, Duration 4min (See HU2 pg257)
Encase in Earth: Range 120’(See HU2 pg257)

Transmutation (“The touch of Hephaestus”): Range, Touch or 10’ with line of sight. Maximum Weight: 50lbs/lvl. Duration 1d4min/lvl Note: Can make a transmutation permanent by expending 2d6sdc and 1 PE point permanently (See PU3 pg104)

Energy Expulsion: Light (Apollo’s Bow): Range: 600 Damage: 2d6+1d6/lvl or Blinding Flash 10’ range causes -8 to combat, or Radiate Light: Equivalent to 100watt+25/lvl lightbulb, ½ dam Radiation, (+3 aimed, +1 wild) (See HU2 pg231)

Flight: Wingless (“Hermes High Tops”): Flight Speed: 200mph+20/lvl, (See HU2 pg233)

Minor: Physical Perfection ("Built like Ares"): (See PU1 pg36)

Skills:,Education; Trade School/OJT
Automatic Skills:
Pilot Automobile +15 (60+2/): 85
Basic Math +15 (45+5/): 70
Speak English +25 (50+5/) 85%
Literacy +20 (30+5/): 60% (98% per Literacy skill description)

OCC Skills: Trade School +15
Business Program:
Advanced Math +15 (45+5/): 70%
Business and Finance +15 (35+5/): 60%
Computer Operation +15 (40+5/): 65%
Law (General) +15 (25+5/): 50%
Research +15 (50+5/): 75%

Electrical Program:
Electrical Engineer +15 (30+5/): 55%
Basic Mechanics +15 (30+5/): 55%
Computer Programming +15 (30+5/): 55%
Computer Repair +15 (25+5/) 50%

Secondary Skills: Eight
Swimming: (50+5/): 60% (Aka: Physical Therapy)
Radio Basic (45+5/) 60%
TV/Video (25+4/): 35%
First Aid (45+5/): 55%
Spanish (50+5/): 60%
Russian (50+5/): 60%
Japanese (50+5/): 60%
Chinese (50+5/): 60%

Superhero Costumes
Business suits
Office Supplies

2 bedroom Condo/Apartment

Savings: $6,000
Investments: ??
I mother was a test tube; my father was a knife.

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Posts: 242
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Re: Twist, Empowered Dwarf

Postby Genhuman » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:13 pm

Caesar’s mother was a great beauty of Greek and Italian heritage. She had midnight black hair and shining blue eyes. The fact that at times she could get a bit flakey never seemed to stop her from having an endless stream of boyfriends and lovers, though she never married.

Caesar never knew or even met his father, as far as he can tell. When he was younger, he would often ask his mother about his father, and she would spin wild yarns and tales, always different in the telling. His favorite among those were ones in which she claimed he was sired by one of the ancient Greek and Roman gods. Of course, even those tales were not consistent. Sometimes it was Zeus, sometime Apollo. Ares, Hermes and many times even Hephaestus were also named; the last usually when he was upset for being picked on due to his stature and build. That list is far from being all inclusive and she freely moved back and forth between the Greek and Roman names for them as well.

The one thing these tales all had in common, whether his father was divine, alien or even mundane; they were all heroes, or special in some respect. His fathers were never accountants or janitors, but rather police and firemen, or soldiers on the front line.

As farfetched as the tales were, they helped him get through a difficult childhood. It wasn’t easy growing up a dwarf in any society. It did give him a rather thick skin and helped him to be tolerant, or at least to hide his anger well, but other than that, he wasn’t sure if his mother did it to help build him up, or if it was just part of her eccentricities.

He never got to find out the truth of the matter from her. He had planned on asking once again about his parentage on his latest trip home from college. Unfortunately, he never got the chance. As his bus was pulling into the station, he actually witness someone grab his mother and drag her back towards an alleyway. No one else noticed, and the bus driver refused to open the door before the bus was completely stopped.

Perhaps it was the anger. Perhaps it was his divine parentage coming through. Perhaps it was radiation from space striking him just that time. He doesn’t know what triggered it, but he seemed to burst from his own skin, in the form of a Greek god of old. He tore through the side of the bus and rushed to the alleyway, to save his mother. He was almost in time. The man had been intent upon raping her, but upon seeing someone in the end of the alleyway, used her as a human shield instead, a knife to her throat. The man did the only thing he could think of, and drew his knife across her neck, dropped her and fled. Caesar rushed to his mother’s side, but all of his efforts were for naught, and she passed away in his arms.

He is driven to help others now, due to this tragedy in his life, so that others won’t have to suffer as he has suffered. To this day, he still looks for his mother’s killer, the image of the bastard seared into his brain. Even he doesn’t’ know if he will do the right thing and bring the killer in for justice, or take his revenge and tear the killers head off himself.

Until that day comes however, he will just have to continue being a mild mannered Vegas businessman during the day and a do what he can ‘hero’ at night. At least, that is the plan, as he is still not quite sure how to fully implement it just yet.

He likes living in Vegas. It is one of the few places in the states, where he doesn’t get stared at too much for being a dwarf. In fact, on the Vegas strip, he gets stared at less than he does when he goes to LA. Vegas feels like home to him, and he doesn’t plan on letting anyone ruin what he has here.

Normal Form:

Heroic Form:

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I mother was a test tube; my father was a knife.

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