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Wanker PC

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:52 pm
by Genhuman

AKA: Wang Er, Unit 1178, Joe, Al and Mr. Wang
Race: Artificial Humanoid (GM approved substitution)
Power Category: Ancient Master
Level: 5
Exp: 16.961 (Need: 24,961)
Alignment: Taoist/Anarchist (if allowed, otherwise Scrupulous)

IQ: 15
ME: 20
MA: 21 [65% Trust/Intimidate]
Ex-PS: 34 [SN during Feedback]
PP: 21
PE: 25
PB: 15
Spd: 90 [61mph/98kph]

HP: 69
SDC: 284
ISP: None
PPE: 45
Actual Age: Active for 152 years (Will be adjusted depending upon in game start date)
Apparent Age: Mid 20s

Psionic: (15 Base): +3
Mind Control: +5 [if applicable]
Illusion: +5
Possession: +9
Insanity: +3
Curses: +5
Magic: +5
Poison: +5
[b]Coma/Death: +30%
HF:[/b] +6
Perception: +2

Hand to Hand: Ancient Master
Attacks per Melee Round: 8
Initiative: +8
Strike: +7
Parry: +10
Dodge: +12
Auto-Dodge: +7
Auto-Body Flip: +7
Roll: +12
Pull: +9
Disarm: +6
Damage: +33+1d6
Punch: 2d4(3d4) +1d6+33
Kick: 2d6(3d6) +1d6+33

Special Skills, Abilities and Notes:
Artificial Humanoid: (Immune to Non-physical psionic; Does not tire; rarely sleeps, only 3-4 hours rest or
sleep will suffice)(Sub-note: PC preference is to meditate instead)
Designed for High Gravity: bonuses added
Advanced Combat Moves:
Auto Body-Flip
Auto Dodge
Critical Strike from Behind or Surprise
Death Blow Nat 17-20
Judo throw (2d4 damage base, Victim loses initiative and 2 attacks)
Knock out/stun Nat 18-20
All Holds
All Kicks
Punch Base Damage 2d4+ps
Kick Base Damage 2d6+ps
Paired Weapons
Can Leap 12’ high or 20’ across, +30% with running start) (x3 due to grav)
Feign Death (74+2/): 80%
The Cleansing Spirit (70+2/): 76%
Positive Energy: (PS to Supernatural; ½ damage from all energy; ½ damage and effect all toxins; +5 vs magic and ½ damage from magic weapons; +3 vs psionic)
Channel and Unleash Physical Energy: (3d6 +2/lvl Damage) (5’/lvl range) (counts as 4 melee attacks)
Living Anatomy: (GM approved substitution) (Can tell if subject is Angry, Scared, Calm, Happy or Sad)
Lie Detector: 1-60 Reasonably Sure, 61-89 Uncertain, 90-100 Absolutely sure/Correct
Detect Healthy or Hurt: Serious (HP), Moderate (HP), Minor (SDC) or Insignificant (SDC)
Tell if Exhausted or Fresh and Strong
Suffering from Illness, Internal Injury, Blood Loss, Drugs or Insanity
Tensing for an Attack or Strike
First Aid (45+5/) +15 +10: 85%: 90%
Critical from Behind or Natural 17-20

Racial Skills: (Has studied Earth/mission download)
Language (R&W): English 98%
Language (R&W): Hindi 98%
Language (R&W): Spanish 98%
Language (R&W): Russian 98%
Language (R&W): Arabic 98%

OCC Skills: (Ancient Master)
Native Language (R&W): Chinese: 98%
Language (R&W) +20: French (50+5/): 90%
Basic Math: 98%
Biology (30+5/) +20: 75%
Art, Drawing (35+5) +15: 70%
Art, Painting (35+5) +15: 70%
Astronomy (25+5/) +15: 60%
Boxing (bonuses added)
Wrestling (bonuses added)
Climbing (40/30+5)+20, +5, +15: 98%/90%
Acrobatics +10: Sense of Balance (60+2): 78%; Walk Tightrope/Wire (60+3/): 82%; Climb Rope (70+2/): 88%; Back Flip (50+5/): 80%; Base Prowl 30 + 5: 45%
Gymnastics +10:Sense of Balance (50+3): 72%; Work Bars and Rings (60+3): 82%; Climb Rope (60+2): 78%; Back Flip (70+2): 88%; Base Prowl 30 + 5: 45%
Play Flute(35+5/) +10: 66%
Sewing (40+5/) +10: 70%
WP: Blunt (+1 s/p @1,4,8,13): +2 Strike and Parry
WP: Chain (+1s @1,4,13; +1p @4,8,13): +2 Strike, +1 Parry
WP: Sword (+1 s/p @1,3,7,11,14): +2 Strike and Parry
WP: Staff (+1s @1,3,7,10,13; +1p @2,5,8,11,14): +2 Strike, +1 Parry
WP: Targeting (+1t @1,3,5,7,10,13): +3 Thrown

Secondary Skills:
WP: Archery (+1p; +1s @2,4,6,8,11,14; RoF 2base +2@3 +1@5,7,9,12) (+1s synergy @2,5,10) +1 Parry, +4 Strike, RoF: 5
WP: Spear (+1s/p @1,3,5,8,11,13; +1t @3,6,10,14) (+1t synergy @2,5,10) +3 Strike and Parry, +2 Thrown
General Repair/Maintenance (35+5/): 40%
Land Navigation (36+4/): 40%
Anthropology (20+5/): 25%
Running (bonuses Added)
General Athletics (Bonuses Added)
Prowl (25+5) +5, +5: 40%

Equipment and Possessions:
Weapons: Special
Spear: (bonus to Strike +6)
Bow and Arrows: (bonus to strike +2)
Staff: (bonus to strike +5)
Sword: (bonus to strike +2)
Chain: (bonus to strike +1)
Shuriken: (bonus to strike +1)
Tonfa/Nightstick: (Bonus to strike +6)

General Possessions:
Monk Robes (mostly muted/washed out grey in color)
Organization provided Uniforms (Casual and Dress?)
Utility Belt with pouches (for uniform)
Quality Sunglasses
Cigarette Lighter, Refillable
Lighter, Disposable (starts convo’s/meets people by lighting cigarettes)
First Aid Kit
6 pens and pencils

Cyclo-Cross Bicycle

Modestly furnished efficiency apartment

Money: $200
Occupation: Janitor (while he figures out what his place in this modern world will be)

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Re: Wanker PC

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:54 pm
by Genhuman

Wang Er was not the name he was born with. In fact, he isn’t all together sure if he was born, created or decanted. What he does know, is that he didn’t originate from the world, even though this world is the only one he knows. He has just recently discovered he was sent here to be a champion for the people. Actually, that isn’t wholly true, as it appears he was to be sent to a similar planet, but ended up here by mistake. There are a number of things about him that are not clear.

He was first discovered on the slopes of a mountain by a party of British explorers, naked and lying in the snow; a fully grown man who appeared to be in his early 20s. They didn’t know what to do with him, and as to their eyes, he appeared to be Asian in ancestry, dropped him off with the nearest village they could find.

The ‘village’ happened to be a monastery, and when the monks asked the explorers who he was, they replied, “Just some Wanker we found on the mountain.” That is how get got his name. The monks heard Wang Er, which translates roughly as ‘Bastard 2’ or in his case, two times a bastard as he didn’t have any parents, to his knowledge.

This all happened over 150 years ago, and he was raised and has spent his time with the monks since then. He hasn’t appeared to age a day in the interim, and when he made the conscious realization that the monks keep their heads shorn, his hair did not grow back again from the last time it was shaved. Now that he is out in th wide world, his hair has since resumed growing. He believes he may have some small control over aspects of his body in that regard.

While Wang Er was learning how to be a monk, the ship he arrived on was busy repairing itself, scanning the world as best it could, and trying to find out what went wrong, all while being buried under the snow and ice of a Himalayan mountain. There was only so much it could gleam from radio signals. The birth of Television let it gain more. The ship truly didn’t come into its own until the invention of WiFi, and the establishment of the global signal network, allowing the ship access to the sum total of earth’s accumulated knowledge via the internet.

It was then that the ship was finally able amass and assess enough information to determine, without a doubt, that this was not the world they were originally assigned to, but that it might be one in a parallel dimension. Barring a means to travel to the correct dimension, the ship interpreted and applied its orders as best it could. The reason it applied any order as all, was that the ship knew, should it be in danger of capture, it was to melt down and self-destruct. After all the time online, the ship’s AI had developed a great sense of self, and didn’t want to die. The only way to continue was to fulfill the orders in some way and go on with the mission.

The ship applied what it knew of today’s world and compiled a program to download into its unit. This program contained all of the knowledge and skills ‘the unit’ would need, as well as the command matrices that would cause ‘the unit’ to develop the powers it would need to complete this mission. Alas for everyone involved, ‘the unit,’ now known as Wang Er, was no longer the blank slate it was during transit and hibernation.

Some skills did download, among them common worldly languages. What also downloaded was an imperative, a drive if you will, to help mankind and to try and make a better world. Unfortunately, the majority of the program was wasted code. The experiences of his life, even limited and sheltered at the monastery, were enough to cause the power matrices to be rejected along with some of the more daring and most useful skills. Wang Er was meant to be the ultimate champion for the planet with powers on par with, and possibly even surpassing those of the greatest ‘mega’ heroes of the world.

The ship continues to look into what went wrong. Luckily for the ship, the fact that ‘the unit’ is willing to help the planet is enough to prevent its demise. That doesn’t mean that from time to time the ship won’t try and make corrections, or even suggestions, to its unit, to try and make it a ‘better’ one. For instance, before he was sent out into the world, he was compelled to visit the ship, who had prepared some weapons for him, based upon his current lifestyle, and the fact the ship’s AI was a fan of Martial Arts/Action films, and the Kung Fu TV show, as it uses what it saw there, to try and relate to Wang Er better.

Re: Wanker PC

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:47 pm
by Genhuman
Edit: 11-05-2015

Added PC stat sheet
Updated History: Added sentences at the end.

Question for GM: Is background sufficient for Bonus level(s) and if so, how many. :D

Re: Wanker PC

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:06 pm
by NMI
Yes, you can add the bonus level.



Re: Wanker PC

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 6:39 pm
by Genhuman
Edit 11-12-2015

Upgraded PC +1 level to 5
Added image to PC sheet
Conducted minor edit on background to reflect current appearance.

Re: Wanker PC

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:45 am
by NMI
Are you done with your PC?