New / Modified Skill Programs

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New / Modified Skill Programs

Postby NMI » Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:15 pm

Automatic Skills
Choice of Pilot Auto, Pilot Motorcycle, Pilot Hovercar or Pilot Hovercycle
Computer Operation
Math Basic:........+10
Language: Native:..+25
Literacy: Native:..+20

Computer Hacking
Basic Electronics
Netwise [Nightbane Survival Guide] [20% +4%/level]
Computer Operation
Computer Programming
Computer Hacking

Corporate Executive
Public Speaking
Language/Literacy of Choice
Business & Finance
Wardrobe & Grooming
Choice of "Fast Talk", "Con Artistry" or "Law: Business"

Espionage Program
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts [or Assassin]
Detect Ambush
Undercover Ops [30%+5%] [found in RUE, Nightbane Survival Guide]
2 Espionage skills of choice

Miltary: Basic
Hand to Hand: Basic
Athletics (General)
Military Etiquette
Radio: Basic
Land Navigation
W.P. Rifles

Military: Advanced Infantry - Must take Military: Basic first!
Choic of Boxing or Hand to Hand: Expert
Trap/Mine Detection
Forced March
Combat Tactics: Basic
W.P. Heavy Military

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