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Postby Sasqaricious » Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:18 pm

In this game we will be testing out a new quicker way for combat.

It will take a little work but essentially.

Take your melee attacks and divide by 4 Now this will allow for a number likely between 1 - 2

so for your increments if you get up to 1 full number you can in your action, parry all known incoming attacks, use your action for a dodge, move half your movement, and of course attack.

The breakdown if you have greater then 1

1.25 - Parry all incoming attakcs for a second attack.
1.5 - Move half your movement (free)
1.75 - use your action for dodge
2 - Attack

Dodges - You get one dodge per group of incoming attacks.

In previous games I have been running something similar when I asked for one offensive action and one defensive action and been doing it all beyond the scenes.

How does this work, well by the same token SDC will be divided by 4 as well. This makes it realistic in my opinion and will only be tried.

I am open to discussion on this as well

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