Ilina's Locker Room

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Ilina's Locker Room

Postby Ilina_Young » Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:50 pm

First Character i had ready for a heroes unlimited game, i had to actually use Rifts information to fill the gaps, and fill in handy notes to explain the math. some of the information came from the black vault wiki. but if you want to take a gander. i admit that i left in some of the rifts mechanics to help me find out where i got the math from.

Legal Name; Ilina Selene Young
NickName; Lilly of the Fae Fist
Age; she claims to be 26 (but built like a loli due to her lithe and petite frame)
Height; 5’1”
Weight; 95 lbs
Power Origin; human wizard who evolved into a fae magician spirit from years of martial arts practice
Former Wizard Type; eastern (martial arts wizard)
Nationality; American Mongrel
Skincolor; Pale
Eyecolor; Blue
Haircolor; Black
Build; Slender and childlike, her strength is magical in nature and a result of training in ancient Korean martial wizardry.
Profession; Unemployed Otaku Geek who does odd jobs to pay her bills
OCC. Rifts OCC (Rogue Scholar)
Power Category; Immortal (Formerly Wizard)
Level; 3

HP Rolls

6 and 4 (1d6 per level base)

5 and 7 (2d4 per level from superpower)

Physical Strength 15+10+2+1 = 28
+13 Physical Damage
Able to carry 1400 pounds
Physical Prowess 21+2; =23
+4 to dodge and to hit
Physical Endurance 20 (originally 11)+6+3+2+1+4 = 36
66% chance to survive death or coma
+6 to resist spell or poison
Physical Beauty 15
Mental Affinity 13+2 = 15
Mental Endurance 12
Intelligence Quotient 15+1 =16
Speed 12+4+6=22
Base SDC; 22 (2d12+7)+90 (2d6x10)+180 (3d4x10+100)+9+20+9 (2d6) 330
Base HP; 36+ (4) d6 +40 (d6x10) +21 (3d6+10) (7)+4 (1d6) +6 (1d6) +5 (2d4) +7 (2d4) (2d6) 130
PPE 29
MDC 460 (regenerate 1d6+3 MDC upon being struck)

Minor Powers

Superhuman Physical Endurance
Superhuman Physical Endurance (Minor) by Mr. Scorpio
The character is superhumanly tough and can withstand incredible amounts of physical strain or punishment. Fatigues at one tenth the normal rate.
Increase P.E. to 20 + 1D6 (4) – if P.E. is higher than 20 already, add 2D6 + 6 to it.
Add 3D4 X 10 + 100 to S.D.C.
Add 3D6 + 10 to Hit Points, plus 2D4 per level of experience.
Resistant to drugs, toxins and poisons, they have ¾ of their normal effects, damage and duration.

Power Channeling. You control kinetic energy to effectively hit like you used a blast. this deals 2d6 kinetic force damage plus another 1d6 per level

Wizardly (minor) by Stone Gargoyle
"I make the magic happen."
The superbeing's powers assist in his study of magic.
1.Prerequisites: The superbeing with this ability must be of a category combining powers with magical study, which includes those dual classing with the Magic- Mystical study category and Immortals using magic, though this is unavailable for minor heroes.
+10% to Special Skills of Magical Lore and Knowledge, and any parapsychology and occult study skills, though the bonus also applies to the Research skill when looking up occult matters.
An aditional +2d6 to PPE
Gains half his ME attribute number in spells (rounded down) level 1-4 in addition to any he gets for his power category/class
Gains an additional +1 to saves vs. magic, possession and Horror Factor

Hyper Strength
Hyper strength [Minor] by Iczer
'I swear boss, he just kept getting stronger'
The character is stronger than most, and gets stronger and stronger while he is opposed.
His PS increases by 10 and moves to extraordinary in lifting and carrying capacity.
Moreso, when confronted by a stronger opponent, the character gains +2 PS every round until he is stronger. a stronger opponent, is any living foe whose PS exceeds his own (numerically). Actual strength category is irrelevant.
As a final burst of strength, the character can sacrafice his PE score to enhance his PS further. By doing so, his PS increases by an amount of PE sacraficed and jumps to superhuman in lifting and carrying. He loses a like amount of Hitpoints by doing so. The extra PS fades after one melee round per level. The PE returns after 12 hours of rest.

Hyper Athlete
Hyper athlete [Minor] by Iczer
The character excells in full body physical endeavours.
1) Natural athlete: the character knows the folowing skills. Climb +20%, Gymnastics +20%, Swim +25% Prowl +10%. he also gains +6 to Spd, +2 to PS and PE and PP.
2) Improved endurance: the character can last twice as long without fatigue, and enjoys +2D6 (7) HP and +20 SDC.
3) The character is a natural at sports. In any organised competitive event, the character is a natural, able to perform as a member of one the best of any given league. In combination with other powers skills or attributes, he may truly be one of the best in the world. The character is instantly familiar with any sport or athletic endeavour, and the use of any of it's equipment, even if it is the first time he lays his eyes on it. In the case of futuristic, exotic or alien sports, he can learn the rules and even become an expert within 2d4 minutes.

Major Power

Alternate Super Healing Factor
Alternate Super Healing Factor (Major) by Primus
This power takes healing factor to almost ridiculous proportions. The character is able to almost instantaneously heal significant amounts of damage, is not affected by adverse weather conditions, poisons, toxins, diseases, and gases, and can regrow lost limbs and damaged organs. He can even completely resurrect himself from extreme injury a limited number of times.
1. Bonuses: 2D4+2 (6) to P.E. attribute
Add 1D6x10 (40) to hit points
Add 2D6x10 (90) to SDC
+ 30% to coma/death
+3 to save vs. magic
+1 to save vs. psionics
2. Accelerated Healing: The character heals at a highly accelerated rate. SDC is healed at a rate of 3 per every five minutes (36 per hour). Hit points heal at the rate of 1 per 5 minutes (12 per hour). The character does not fatigue, is impervious to poisons and toxins, cold, heat, fire, and drugs. Injured organs and broken bones heal completely within 24 hours and lost limbs can regenerate within 72 hours. All healing occurs without scarring.
3. Instant healing: The character’s wounds heal so quickly that one can actually SEE them closing after landing a damaging blow. Every time the character is hit for damage, they will INSTANTLY heal 1D6 points of damage plus 1 per level of experience. For example, a 4th level hero is hit by a sword strike from a thug. The hero takes 14 points of damage. Thanks to his instant healing he is able to heal 1D6+4 points of damage immediately. Therefore the damage from the sword strike is instantly reduced by 5-10 points! This does not require any action on the part of the hero. The character is able to remain active until their hit points are equal to P.E. attribute times 4 below zero. Also, the character is able to instantly heal 4D6 hit points up to three times a day.
4. Self-restoration: Perhaps the most impressive ability of this power is the complete self-restoration from apparent death. Once the hero’s hit points reach the point of death, he collapses into a coma-like state. He remains in this state for a number of hours equal to their level times 3. After the time is up, the character returns to consciousness, completely restored to full hit points and SDC. He suffers no ill effects at all. Limitations: The character’s body must be relatively intact; if the head has at all been separated from the body, the character CANNOT restore himself. Also, if the body is destroyed during restoration or from an explosion, restoration cannot occur, or if the character’s hit points are reduced to the P.E. attribute times 10 below zero, they are unable to restore.
5. Instant restoration: This ability is virtually identical to self-restoration except that it occurs much faster. Once the hero reaches his collapse point (if he is not completely destroyed as mentioned above), they fall into a death-like trance. Rather than waiting the hours to restore themselves, the hero can choose to expend 4 P.E. attribute points and regenerate themselves within 1D4 melees! The penalties for this restoration: bonuses from P.E. attribute are temporarily lost and all other bonuses are reduced by half. This lasts 2D6 minutes after restoration. Two of the P.E. points expended during the process are permanently lost; the others are restored after the 2D6 minute recovery period.

Secondary Skills;
Hand to Hand; Assassin (+2 to hit, 3 attacks per round, auto dodge) Level 2 (+1 initiative +2 additional attacks per round)
General athletics (+1 to P.S.) +1 to P.E. +9 to SDC (d8) +4 (d6) to speed
OCC Skills (Rogue Scholar)
Literacy (American) +55% (110% max 98%)
Literacy; (Chinese, Euro, Japanese) +30% (82%)
Language; American at 98%
Language; Chinese and Japanese at 30% (85%)
Appraise Goods +25% (77%)
Basic Math +30% (92%)
Computer Operation +25% (87%)
Computer Programming +20% (72%)
Creative Writing +20% (67%)
Find Contraband +20% (60%)
History; Pre Rifts +27% (61%)
History; Post Apocalypse +25% (62%)
Public Speaking +25%(77%)
Research +30% (87%, +5% to knowledge, law, impersonation and commonication skills)

OCC Related Skills

Magic; 57%
Mythology 52%
General Repair and Maintenance (47%)
Begging (46%)

First Aid (+10%) (72%)

Rogue Skills
Streetwise; (49%)

Espionage Skills
Undercover Ops (pretend to be a harmless little geeky girl) 52%

Combat Numbers

Dodge +4+1 (+5)
Unarmed Attack (5 per turn) +6 to hit for 2d6+13 each

Domestic Skills
Cooking; 62%
Tailoring; 67%
Housekeeping (62%)

See the Invisible (4PP) see the invisible for 1 minute
Cleanse; (6 PP)
Climb (6PP)
Lantern Light (1PP)

Assassin Moves

Karate Punch; 2d4+13
Karate Kick; 2d6+13
Karate Backhand; 1d6+13
Auto Dodge (Replace paired weapons)
Power Punch; 4d4+26
Power Kick; 4d6+26
Tackle/Body Block; 1d6+13
Pull Punch +3 (+4 total)
Body Flip/Throw; 1d6+13
Knee; 1d6+13 MDC on hit
Elbow; 1d6+13 MDC on hit
Roll w/ punch/impact/fall +2 (3 total)
Parry; +5
Dodge; +5

Power Channel; 5d6 MDC

level 2 Secondary Skill

Knowledge; Faeries 47%

level 3 Skills

Faerie Speak (47%)

Escape Artist; (47%)

Power Channeling; Touch +6 to hit (counts as a touch based melee attack) 5d6 force damage (good for damaging structures where common sense would disallow punching from being effective)

Rogue Scholar Benefits

+2d6 (9) ti SDC
+1 I.Q.
+2 MA
+5 on perception rolls

*Professional Restoration 69% +24% value on a success, +10% to skills pertaining to art, writing or crafting

*Recognize Authenticity 69%

*Find Books or Artifacts

1. Lilly Recieves +20% to find contraband rolls made to identify pre war items
2. Lilly recieves a 40% discount on pre war items, or 50% discount from the black market if she devotes 24 hours to fixing their ledgers and auditing their taxes
3. by spending 24 hours working as a teacher or helping with ledgers, Lilly can make 30,000 credits and earn access to free room, board and essentials such as food and the like, as long as the employer has the credits to offer, or the equivalent.

* Storyteller and Teacher; Lilly can teach another a new skill she already knows by spending 12 hours a week for 10 weeks teaching as long as the other spends 10 hours a week studying, the reverse can also be applied to teach her a new secondary skill. this does not count towards secondary skills gained from leveling up either way, and even allows secondary skills not available to a given OCC.


Suit of Ionized Nanofiber Street Clothes (Treat as light MDC armor), set of Dress Clothes, set of Traveling Clothes, Portable MP3 player (Treat as Disc/Record Player), with earbuds, Smart Phone (Replace video disk player and digital camera, can hold 100 photos and 30 min of videos, or an additional 100 photos for every 10 unused video minutes, has apps for word processing and translation that allow it to function as a notebook and translator that can hold up to 300 pages of information as per 2 college notebooks), phone charger, blackboard (18 inch square), 2 fresh packs of chalk with an eraser, eyeglasses, hoodie, survival knife, backpack, bedroll, knapsack, messengers style bookbag, bicycle, 900 credits in cash, 2500 credits in black market trade goods. 2 spare sets of stockings and underclothes, 1 spare pair of shoes. 1 nightshirt.

Ionized Nanofiber Clothing

Main Body; 50MDC 50/50
Head; 35 MDC 35/35
Left Arm; 16 MDC 16/16
Right Arm; 16 MDC 16/16
Left Leg 30; MDC 30/30
Right Leg; 30; MDC 30/30

though ionized nanofibers were within the realm of a tailor with knowledge of computers to work. they are a light and flexibile MDC armor that weighs 11 lbs and don't really penalize movement by a meaningful amount due to their flexibility, but otherwise function as urban warrior enviromental. but note that due to being disguised as clothing and being designed for mobility, that ionized nanofibers provide no Damage resistance to go alongside their MDC. the armor itself replaced spidersilk as the current replacement for kevlar. the best part is that it isn't initially recognizeable as armor at first glance, which helps Lilly in her child impersonation act. the armor itself has a purchase value of 40,000 credits
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Re: Ilina's Locker Room

Postby say652 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:59 pm

To keep the Canon crew happy, you must change your power category to Immortal.
Combining genres is cool, having vendettas not so much. -_-

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Re: Ilina's Locker Room

Postby Ilina_Young » Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:18 pm


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Re: Ilina's Locker Room

Postby say652 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:53 pm

+2 attacks for being alive.
Hyper strength damage is not cumulative with Power Channeling.

All over, I like the concept very much so.
A small girl, who either touches like a freight train.
Or who is the strongest person in the room.
Combining genres is cool, having vendettas not so much. -_-

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Re: Ilina's Locker Room

Postby Ilina_Young » Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:00 pm

too bad i don't know where i can find good images to use. ... =3&theater but here is one image i pulled from a flash based paper doll program for dressing up small anime girls i figured would fit.

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Re: Ilina's Locker Room

Postby say652 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 5:48 pm

Nice, though armor and weapons are going to be required eventually.

For mdc realms add hp+ sdc.
Also As an Immortal Human.
You really don't gain anything cool unaging and your vast education, in this case anyway.
Your hand to hand appears level 2.
Combining genres is cool, having vendettas not so much. -_-

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Re: Ilina's Locker Room

Postby Ilina_Young » Wed Dec 02, 2015 6:03 pm

will i be needing to Calculate MDC?

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Re: Ilina's Locker Room

Postby Ilina_Young » Wed Dec 02, 2015 6:05 pm

i only calculated the first level bonuses though. what level should i update to?

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Re: Ilina's Locker Room

Postby say652 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 8:54 pm

Level 3.
Combining genres is cool, having vendettas not so much. -_-

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Re: Ilina's Locker Room

Postby Ilina_Young » Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:31 pm

should i keep the SDC/HP Paradigm or should i convert them to MDC and if so? how do i do it?

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