Standard rifts character creation (Momano Headhunter)

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Standard rifts character creation (Momano Headhunter)

Postby Sandburg » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:58 pm

Thomas Leblanc
1st level Momano Headhunter (zapper)
Abbarent alignment

IQ 10 MA 10 ME16 PE 12 PP 18 (20) PS 11 (20) PB 8 SPD 12 ISP 116
HP 11 SDC 40
21 years old 5’11” 200 lbs

Attacks per melee:5
Bonuses: + 2 Strike (+1 Using ax or sword)(+4 bionic arm), 4dodge, 3 parry(4 with bionic arm), 2 roll impact, 4 pull punch, +4 init, +1 vs psi, +1 insanity, +1 hf, +5 sdc damage

Abilities: impervious to electricity, 1/2 damage energy, sense electricity(2isp 1 minute), electrical aura (3d6 sec/1d6 md/22mdc regenerate 2d6 round 8isp 1 min), energy drain (4isp 5 minute heals), electrolysis (normal Range), TK super, TK Force Field, TK acceleration attack, TK punch, brain scan, neuro touch, neuro strike. Save vs psi 10

Language American- 81, Language demonigian 72, Language dragonese 60, literacy American 60, literacy demonigian 60, lore demon monster 70, lore magic 60, lore physic 60, sculpting 61, botany 60, astronomy 60, basic math 55, radio 50, computer operations 50, tracking humanoids 60, land navigation 60, wilderness survival 60, optics 50, pilot hovercycle 60, wp sword, wp enegy pistol, wp energy rifle, wp ax, h2h expert

Occ related
Detect ambush 55

Gymnastics (prowl of 35)

Equipment: fatigues , black jumpsuit , two set street clothes, portable tool kit , PC-300O hand-held computer , portable language translator , FDD pocket audio recorder/player , pocket laser distancer , field radio , pocket flashlight , pocket (signal ) mirror , RMK and IRMSS kits , tinted goggles , hatchet for cutting wood , knapsack , tent and backpack, saddle bags, utility belt , one large satchel o r duffle bag , a small sack , airfilter , two canteens , three week s o f freeze-drie d comba t rations , small silver cross on chain.

Armor: heavy- wrangler riding armor with long coat 85/28 mdc -5 penalty
Light- ng scout 50 mdc -5 penalty

Weapons: ng long pistol 5d6 800 ft 8 shots 5 eclips. NGLG6 rifle 3d6/4d6 (12ft radius) 1600/1000 ft 20/4 rds 5 eclips/20 grenades. Silver plated vibro sword 2d6 md, silver plated battle ax 2d8 md, 2 silver plated daggers 1d6 sd, 2 wooden stakes, squirt gun

Bionics: multi optic eye, bionic lung, sensor hand with clock/calendar, bionic arm (ps20 pp20), flaming vibro sword-2d4/4d6 md (2min 14 isp), chemical spray (5 acid, 10holy water, 5 garlic/wolfbane), amplified hearing, Head jack with radio upgrade (2way radio)

Transport: his own two legs

400 credits/3000 black market

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