Task force wendigo magic

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Task force wendigo magic

Postby rover_baskerville » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:17 pm

Bryan Allen
Ley Line Walker
Level 1

IQ 12
MA 9
PS 11
PP 11
PE 12
PB 8
SPD 10

HP 16
SDC 17
PPE 182

Attacks 4
Pull +2
Roll +2

+4 Versus HF
+2 versus possession
+2 versus mind control
+3 versus curses
+1 versus psionics
+1 versus insanity

OCC skills
sense ley line 30
sense nexus 40
language american 98
language dragonese 70
language gobblely 70
climb 45
basic math 55
land navigation 40
wilderness survival 40
pilot hovercycle 75
lore demon and monster 52
lore D-bee 42
lore magic 47
lore psychic 42
lore faeries 42

OCC related skills
anthropology 40
archaeology 40
history pre rifts 57
history post apocalypse 55
mythology 35
philosophy 35

Secondary skills
law general 40
research 40
WP energy pistol
advanced math 45
astronomy 40
art 35

sense rift (50 miles)
sense ley line (10 miles)
sense magic (100 ft)
see magic energy
read ley lines
ley line transmission
ley line phasing
ley line drifting
ley line rejuvenation
ley line observation ball (1 MDC)
affinity with ley line magic
ley line force field (20 MDC)

Legion 50/50 hovercycle
ley line walker armour (66 MDC)
NG 57 Ion blaster pistol +4 E clips
SMG +4 clips
hand axe
survival knife
3000 credits
7000 credits worth of black market goods (books)
2 sacks (one small, one large)
100ft lightweight cord and grappling hook
pens and pencils, sketchbook
travelling clothes
6 wooden stakes and mallet
tinted goggles
air filter and gas mask

fire bolt
electric arc
shadow meld
armour of ithan
light healing
invisibility simple
manipulate object
see invisible
see aura
globe of daylight


Jimmy "Tin Can" Mulligan
Level 1

IQ 14
ME 13
MA 11
PS 11
PP 11
PE 13
PB 11

HP 18
SDC 20
ISP 28
PPE 73

Attacks 4
Pull +2
Roll +2
Perception +3

+2 versus HF
+2 versus possession
+2 versus mind control

OCC skills
ley line piloting 74
literacy american 50
language american 98
language techno can 65
language dragonese 65
radio basic 55
computer operation 50
computer programming 40
computer repair 45
basic electrical 45
mechanical engineer 45
technowizard construction 80
sensory equipment 40
basic math 65
land navigation 41
pilot robots and power armour 61
pilot robot combat basic
WP knife
WP energy rifle

OCC related skills
computer hacking 30
artificial intelligence 40
electrical engineer 45
robot electronics 40
weapons engineer 35
robot mechanics 30
locksmith 45

Secondary skills
optic systems 30
electronic countermeasures 30
art 35
advanced math 45
H2H basic

mini tool kit
6 flares
large flashlight
pen flashlight
magnifying glass
multioptics band
tinted goggles
pilot's jumpsuit
nice clothes
2 sacks (one large, one small)
pocket mirror
silver cross
6 wooden stakes and mallet
air filter and gas mask
laser distancer
disc recorder
hand held computer
body armour (35 MDC, superhuman strength, invulnerability)
survival knife
swiss army knife
NG 57 ion blaster pistol +2 E clips
TW plasma rifle
200 credits
2000 credits worth of black market goods
8000 credits worth of crystals and gems

"ground vehicle of choice" ideally one of the following, in order of preference
-bigfoot robot with chameleon (northern gun world book, page 112)
-titan combat robot with chameleon (main book, page 273)
-grease monkey power armour with chameleon (northern gun 2 world book, page 100)

machine ghost
mind block
object read
speed reading
total recall

armour of ithan
blinding flash
breathe without air
call lightning
cloak of darkness
electric arc
energy bolt
energy field
fire bolt
fire ball
fuel flames
force bonds
globe of daylight
ignite fire
impervious to fire
impervious to energy
magic net
magic shield
see the invisible
sense magic
shadow meld
superhuman strength


Bryan Allen was born in Rupert's land. His family's farm was attacked when he was young and he was orphaned. He went, along with his sister, to live with his uncle in Lazlo. Surrounded by the best schools on rifts earth he became a scholar, studying history, mythology and philosophy.

Jimmy "Tin Can" Mulligan was born in Ishpeming. He was raised around mercenaries and the gladiatorial robodromes, developing a fascination with robot vehicles and the romantic image he had of adventuring life. He started manifesting magical potential around the time Ishpeming entered a pact with the coalition states. Concerned for his future, he was sent to the more accepting city of Lazlo to learn to hone his abilities.

Bryan and Jimmy met in university and became fast friends. Bryan's sister, Julie, developed gifts as a mind melter. She and Jimmy eventually married.

One day she took of to try to help her childhood home. Bryan, concerned for his sister's well being, was convinced by Jimmy (who sought adventure, glory, and his wife) to return to Rupert's land to look for his sister. They found her alive and well, working for JTF 50.

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Re: Task force wendigo magic

Postby Jrdnovotny006 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:19 am

Nice back story

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